Earn your Google Partner badge.

After you join the program, you may qualify for Google Partner status and earn the Google Partner badge. Add it to your website, business cards, and marketing materials to show that Google recognizes you as a Google Partner.

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Sign up your company using the account with admin access to your company’s Google Ads manager account.

Specializations help clients recognize your skills.

Once you earn a Google Partner badge, you can highlight your specific Google Ads product knowledge. Learn advanced concepts for creating, managing, measuring, and optimizing specific Google Ads products.

Search Advertising

Video Advertising

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Benefits for Partners

As a Google Partner, you have access to the following resources to develop your capabilities and help your clients succeed.

  • Education

    Develop your skills by completing Skillshop learning courses and certifications, and reading case studies and trends on Think with Google and Google Trends.
  • Rewards

    Take part in Rewards, designed to help you grow through a series of challenges for acquiring new clients, optimizing client campaigns or getting certified. You will have access to first hand Google insights and exciting rewards.
  • Support

    Access product support that’s relevant to your needs with a variety of resources including the Google Ads Help Center and Google Ads Recommendations.
  • Growth

    Demonstrate thought leadership and expertise with Connect, an opportunity to host co-branded events. You can also pitch and onboard new clients with Google Ads promotional offers.
  • Acceleration

    Drive growth with our Acceleration program, a specialized online education and scaled business coaching program for Partners designed to help you accelerate your skills and growth.

Qualify for Google Partner status.

  • Pass Google Ads certification

  • Meet the spend requirement across your managed accounts

  • Demonstrate your performance by delivering strong client and company growth


Sign up your company using the account with admin access to your company’s Google Ads manager account.