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  1. Pesquisa avançada de patentes
Número da publicaçãoUS743801 A
Tipo de publicaçãoConcessão
Data de publicação10 nov. 1903
Data de depósito18 jun. 1903
Data da prioridade18 jun. 1903
Número da publicaçãoUS 743801 A, US 743801A, US-A-743801, US743801 A, US743801A
InventoresMary Anderson
Cessionário originalMary Anderson
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Window-cleaning device.
US 743801 A
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1 ATBNTBD NOV. 10, 1903L U .....wnwvfwhuvk ...n-nf... ....v ...1- ....numnrd..


Noc 743,801.

No Manni..

'mi Nomus #grens m. Prem'aurm'z. wAsHwsroN. n. c.

UNITED STATEs Patented November 10, 19GB.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 743,801, dated November 10, 1903. Application filed June 18, 19103.V Serial llo. 162,125. (No model.)

To a/ZZ whom it may concern:

Beit known that I, MARY ANDERSON, a citizen of the United States, residingat Birmingham, in the county of Jefferson and State of Alabama, have invented a new and useful motor cars and operable from the inside of the vestibule, at the same time providing means whereby the window-cleaning devices are rendered easily removable when not required, thus leaving nothing to mar the usual appearance 'of the car during fair weather; second, to provide means for maintaining a uniform pressure upon the glass throughout the entire area swept by my improved window-cleaning device; third, to so construct my improved window-cleaning device as to make it up of two or more independent parts, so that an obstruction to one will not affect the other or others.

With these several objects in view my invention consists in certain novel features of construction and combinations of parts,which will be hereinafter described, and pointed out in the claims.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a vertical section through the center vestihule-post on line 1 1 of Fig. 2. Fig. 2 is a view in front elevation, showing the apparatus in position. Fig. 3 is asection on line 3 3 of Fig. 5. Fig. 4 is a section on line 4 t of Fig. 5. Fig. 5 is a fragmentary detail,enlarged, of the arm; and Fig. 6 is a detail showing the manner in which the spindle d is placed in the frame and the manner in which the arm is secured to the spindle.

The arm is composed, mainly, of the socket B and the tubing D, secured therein. The

- tubing D or its equivalent, which might be a solid bar of metal, if desired, is adapted to carry the cleaners, of which there may be one or more, preferably two, as shown in the drawings.

These consist, preferably, of the wooden strips H, which carry a rubber T,

adapted to sweep across and clean the win-l v dow-pane. These strips H are journaled to vthe tubing or bar D by means of bearings E E, which are secured `thereto by screws or rivets h h and which are conned between collars p p, secured to the bar or tubing D. Springs t' 1l, secured at one end, preferably by being passed through the tubing D, are coiled around the tubing several times and then secured to the wooden strips H H by means of staples fm, fm, which springs maintain the rubbers T T with yielding and uniform pressure upon the glass, so that when the arm is swung from its center of support opposite one corner of the glass the cleaner sweeps and cleans an area, as indicated by the hatched lines a in Fig. 2. This arm is removably secured to the head K on the spindle di, with which it interlocks, as shown at L: in Fig. l, and the arm is removably held thereon by a set-screw or similar means b, so that when the cleaner is not required it may be removed withfacility by simply unscrewing the thumb-screw?) and removing the arm. To counterbalance the arm, a counterweight c is adjnstably connected with theextension C of the arm. In this way the weight is equally balanced on each side of the pivotal support` of the arm, thus distributing the weight and aiiording uniformity of motion.

On the inner end of the spindle d is journaled the handle L, which latter is located in the flush-plate c, so that when not in use it can be pushed in ont of the Vway.

From the foregoing description it will be seen that a simple mechanism is provided for removing snow, rain, and sleet from the glass in front of the motorman, and it is simply necessary for him to take hold of the handle L and turn it in one direction or the other to clean the pane, the spring action upon the cleaners operating to hold the rubbers in yielding contact against the glass with sucient pressure to clean the latter and at the same time with suliicient yielding action so as not to be rendered inoperative by striking an obstruction. In this way the difdculty of not being able to see through the front glass in stormy weather is eectually obviated.

It is evident that slight changes might be resorted to in the form and arrangement of IOO the several parts described Without departing from the spirit and scope of my invention, and hence I do not wish to limit myself to the exact construction herein set forth; but

Having fully described my invention what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, isl. The combination with a spindle, of an arm removably secured thereto, an adjustable 3. The combination with a spindle having a head thereon, of an arm removably secured to the head, and a yieldingly supported cleaner carried by the arm.

4. The combination with a suitable support, and an arm connected therewith,of a plurality of cleaners yieldingly supported on the arm as an axis in alinement with each other and means whereby to swing the arm to cause the cleaners to sweep in an arc from the single support, across the surface to be cleaned.

In testimony whereof I have signed this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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Classificação cooperativaB60S2001/3824